About Us

“Instantly Restores Natural Youth and Beauty”

Since 2000, Dear Laura Inc. has continuously developed and launched unique eye enhancement products.  We are best known for our natural-looking double eyelid enhancement products which are mega-hit, best sellers with cumulative worldwide sales in excess of 12,000,000 units in January 2017.


Our celebrated double eyelid enhancing products have seen even greater demand lately due to increased television and media coverage of their anti-aging effects.  The public is in awe of our simple yet effective eye enhancement product which provides a noticeable anti-aging effect. 


Our research shows that a vast majority of new users of our double eyelid products are women of European, African, or Latin American descent who had large, round eyes and double eyelids in their youth.  As these women grew older, their eyelids began to naturally lower and sag.  These women were looking for something to give their eyes a more youthful appearance.  


We strongly believe that women all over the world are searching for a safe, simple, and effective way to give their eyes an enhanced youthful appearance.


In early 2016, we developed a new line of products especially suited for anti-aging eye enhancement. We branded this new line Eye Catching Beauty.  We launched Eye Catching Beauty at the IECSC New York trade show in March, 2016 to extraordinary acclaim from customers and industry experts alike. 


This is the story of Eye Catching Beauty.  Our mission is to instantly restore natural youth and beauty.


Eye Catching Beauty is simple, safe, and effective for everyone. 


Eye Catching Beauty is long-lasting and natural anti-aging eye enhancement without surgery, injections, or complications. 


Eye Catching Beauty: an eye enhancement product so good it is like a dream.

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